Christine Hands

writing on the body what is written on the soul


Photo by Lane J Long:   The top of Christine’s body is against a periwinkle hued wall. She is arched back with her head thrown back, eyes shut, arms bent as if in release above her head. She wears a sheer white shirt.

Photo by Lane J Long:

The top of Christine’s body is against a periwinkle hued wall. She is arched back with her head thrown back, eyes shut, arms bent as if in release above her head. She wears a sheer white shirt.

*University of Maryland MFA in Dance                            Expected Graduation 2019
*Dance for PD Introductory Dance Teacher Training Course 2018
*AXIS Dance Company Teacher Training                                                 2017
*University of Iowa BFA in Dance, with honors; BA in English           2004-2007

Administrative Experience:
Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, College Park, MD 2018-2019
Graduate Assistant in Community Engagement: focus on access and inclusion

Mark Morris Dance Center, Brooklyn, NY 2018
Intern: Dance for Parkinson’s and Education Dept. with a focus on inclusion

Teaching Experience:

University of Maryland, College Park, MD                          2016-2018
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Courses Taught :Introduction to Dance, Introduction to Dance: Access and Inclusion Section, Fundamentals of Modern Dance, Ballet: Undergraduate

Kinetics Dance Theater, Ellicott City, MD 2018-2019
Dance instructor: Children’s Dance, Modern, and Ballet

Mixed Ability Movement Classes, Towson University and The Gordon Center, MD               2018
Workshop: Dance for Movers With and Without Disabilities

Movement Workshop in Voice for the Actor I Class at University of Maryland                           2018
Workshop: Exploring Efforts in the Body

Movement Workshop for Science Fiction and Social Justice Honors Seminar at University of Maryland       2018
Workshop: Embodying Science Fiction

Movement Workshops for the Community through the Going Dutch Festival, Elgin, IL 2018
Workshop: Connections and Community

The Collective Company Modern Class, Baltimore, MD                                2017-2018
Guest Artist

C-Unit Studio, Chevy Chase, MD                                                                               2018
Preschool Dance Instructor

Prince George’s County Park District, College Park, MD 2018
Choreographer: Children’s Musical: ages 8-16

ACDA (American College Dance Association) Mid-Atlantic North Conference           March 2017
Class Instructor: Ballet with Ease, Dance for Every Body: Conference Participants

Dance Matrix, Crofton, MD                                                2016-2017
Dance Instructor, Competition Choreographer: Jazz, Tap, Musical Theater: ages 8-18

Tiffany Lawson Dance Library Tours, Chicago, IL                   2016
Movement Facilitator: Outreach programming to libraries around Chicago: ages 5-14

Rogers Public School, Chicago, IL                                     2012- 2016
In-School Dance Teacher: Introduction to Dance: grades K-8

Decatur Classical School, Chicago, IL                                 2015- 2016
In-School Dance Teacher: Tap and Breakdance: grades K-6  

DancEd Dance Center, Northbrook, IL                                  2014-2016
Competition Coach/ Dance Instructor: ballet, jazz, and hip-hop:  ages 5-16

Performing Arts Limited, Chicago, IL                                     2010-2016
Dance Instructor: Ballet, creative movement, breakdance, tap, ballet fitness: ages 2-50+ 

Evanston Athletic Club, Evanston, IL                                      2013-2016
Fitness Instructor: Ballet Burn: Adult

Chicago Contemporary Dance Theatre, Chicago, IL                  2012-2016
Dance Instructor/ Competition Choreographer:  ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical:  ages 5-16

Allegro Music and Dance Academy, Lemont, IL                       2009-2014
Lead Teacher/ Competition Team Director: assist with class schedules and program development, ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, show choir, musical theatre: students age 2-17

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Blue Lake, MI                                  2011
Ballet Faculty: ballet, pointe, repertory: grades 6-8  

*denotes work in which Christine Hands performed  

Hamlet 2018
a sci-fi, cyberpunk, dance theater take on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet
*MFA Thesis Concert, University of Maryland: College Park, MD

A Duet with My Sister                                                   2018
a mixed ability dance work
*Going Dutch Festival produced by Side Street Studio Arts: Elgin, IL

Table for One, Please                                                         2018
in which food is eaten, drinks are consumed, and clothes are removed
*Going Dutch Festival produced by Side Street Studio Arts: Elgin, IL

Zism Prism and the Astromonid                                         2018
an excerpt from The Chromanauts
*University of Maryland Shared Graduate Dance Concert: College Park, MD

Citizen Displaced                                                               2018
an evening length collaboration between the UMD School of Music and the UMD Department of Dance bringing awareness to the global Refugee Crisis
University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Tertiary Spaces                                                                   2018
a collaborative evening exploring the space between humans through play and games. Choreographed by Christine Hands, Stacey Carlson, Ama Law, and Shawn Stone: an MFA Cohort at UMD
*University of Maryland Second Season, College Park, MD

Maquette                                                                            2017
a site specific work in an art gallery
*Inside the Block |Outside the Box, Baltimore, MD

A Duet with Melissa                                                              2017
a heartfelt duet between sisters separated by distance, the catch is one sister happens to be abled and one disabled
*University of Maryland Shared Graduate Dance Concert: Rising: College Park, MD
*BIDA Choreographer's Showcase: Baltimore, MD
*NextNOW Festival: College Park, MD

The Chromanauts  (full length work)                                          2016, 2017
collaboration with visual artist John Mosher, Co-Produced with Side Street Studio Arts
*Side Street Studio Arts: Elgin, IL
*Salisbury University: Salisbury, MD

Waltz of the Snowflakes                                                  2015
modern dance take on the classic Nutcracker ballet ... complete with marshmallows and laughter
Cracked Nuts: Elgin, IL

I Know                                                                 World Premiere 2015
a tribute to the late Matt Ryd
*Film: Self-directed and performed. Filmed and edited by Ben Winter

This is Not a Dance                                                           2015
multimedia meditation on Surrealism
*St. Louis Fringe Festival (St. Louis, MO), *Elgin Fringe Festival (Elgin, IL), Going Dutch Dance Festival (Chicago, IL) Vaudeville Roars Night Out in the Parks (Chicago, IL)

*In Passing                                                                        2015- 2017
collaboration with guitarrist Adrian Medriano; solo and quartet version
*Going Dutch (Chicago, IL), *Vaudeville Roars Night Out in the Parks (Chicago, IL), *In Concert (Elgin, IL), Tiffany Lawson Dance (Chicago, IL)

A Place At The Table                                                        2014
documentary style interviews serve as a video background for this work about disability and accessibility
Elgin Ties Dance Festival (Elgin, IL), Tiffany Lawson Dance (Chicago, IL)

To Be Determined                                                            2013
a film accompanies a live performer in this exploration of present and past tense
*Continuous Present Tense (Tulsa, OK), *Bonesbare 7 (Chicago, IL)

Icicles (full length work)                                              2013- 2014
a full length work about numbness, explored through four acts that use seasons and states of matter as metaphors for the human condition
*Chicago Fringe Festival (Chicago, IL)
Excerpts presented at: *St, Louis Fringe Festival (St. Louis, IL), *Kansas City Fringe Festival (Kansas City, KS), Boulder Fringe Festival (Boulder, CO), Asheville Fringe Festival (Asheville, NC), *Bonesbare 8 (Chicago, IL)

*Strophe, Epode, Epode II                                                  2013
three works based on Richard Linklater’s “Before Sunrise,” “Before Sunset,” and “Before Midnight” films about love, love lost, and love over time
Welcome to our World Vol. 2 with Creative Nests (Chicago, IL), *Going Dutch (Chicago, IL), *Bonesbare 8 (Chicago, IL)

La Couronne de Naples: Tragic Overture                            2012
a comic ballet
Chicago Freelance Dance (Chicago, IL)

Shut-Up Peggy                                                                 2012
topical feminist dance theater work about the 2012 “war on women”
ArtSlam with Chicago Verge Dance Theater (Chicago, IL), *Dance Chicago (Chicago, IL)

The Next Stop                                                             2011-2012
a short work about the spacial confines of a city
*Dance Chicago (Chicago IL), *Links Hall's THAW (Chicago, IL), *Chicago Freelance Dance (Chicago, IL)

Madly Mated                                                                   2011
a comic duet set to excerpts from “The Taming of the Shrew”
*Dance Chicago (Chicago, IL), *Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival  (Chicago, IL)

Without You I                                                           2011, 2009
a solo performed with a 10 foot chain as a partner, about a failing relationship
*Going Dutch (Chicago, IL), *Iowa Dance Fest   

The Course of True Love Never Did                             2010
musings on love set to Shakespeare’s most iconic love scenes
 *Dance Chicago (Chicago, IL), Rebound Dance Festival (Chicago, IL)

Tease                                                                        restaged 2010, 2007
choreographed as my BFA honors thesis; a work about gender roles and the “other”
*Dance Chicago (Chicago, IL), *University of Iowa Undergraduate Concert (Iowa City, IA)

Luke 5:10                                                            restaged 2014 ,2007
a work about faith
*Going Dutch (Chicago IL), University of Iowa Graduate/ Undergraduate Concert (Iowa City, IA)

Performance Experience

"The Orpheus Adventure" (College Park, MD)                                        April 2017
Dancer: Opera choreographed by Adriane Fang         

"The One-Mile Radius Project" (Mount Rainier, MD)                                April 14, 2017
Performer: Orange Grove Dance

"Parks of Roses," Mamela Nyamza (College Park, MD)                        September 16, 2016

Core Project Chicago (Chicago, IL)                                                      2013-2016
Associate Artistic Director                   

Mordine and Company (Chicago, IL)                                                        2013
Guest Artist

Renegade Dance Architects (Chicago, IL)                                             2012-2013
Company Member

Supermarket Sweep Dance Film (Chicago, IL)                                          2011

Dance Alliance (Chicago, IL)                                                                   2011
Guest Artist

Corpo Dance Company (Chicago, IL)                                                    2010-2011
Company Member

Invited Talks: 

“Choreographing Access: The Choreography and Performance of Audience Accessibility at a Dance Concert” PCA/ACA in Washington DC. April 17-20, 2019. 

“Through the Door: Access and Inclusion in the World of Dance” GradTerps Exchange at the University of Maryland. Sept 12, 2018.

“Making Inclusive Dance Spaces: Why Disability Dance Artistry Matters In Our Community” Going Dutch Festival Talk presented by Side Street Studio Arts. May 26, 2018.

"Innovations in Inclusivity" TDPS Wednesdays Series at the University of Maryland. November 15, 2017.

"A Spectrum of Abilities: Expanding Diversity Potential Onstage Through Mixed Ability Dance" Making Interventions Symposium at University of Maryland. October 13, 2017.

“A Spectrum of Abilities: Expanding Disability Potential Through Dance” Baltimore Country Public Schools Workshop Day. September 21, 2017.

“A Spectrum of Abilities: Expanding Disability Potential Onstage”  ACDA Mid-Atlantic North Conference at University of Maryland. March 10, 2017

"Masculine Men and the Search for Other Options: Masculinity Performance on the Western Stage” University of Iowa Craft Critique Culture Conference. April 14, 2007.

Recognition and Awards: 

-recipient of a travel grant from the International Program for Creative Collaboration & Research of the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies at the University of Maryland. Research topic: “Inclusive Dance in the UK” (2019)

-co-Recipient (with David Flyr) of University of Iowa School of Music M-Cubator Grant (2017)

-Recipient of University of Maryland College of Arts and Humanities Travel Grant (2017)

-Recipient of AXIS Dance Company Scholarship for Summer Study (2017)

-Recipient of the Presidential Scholarship, University of Iowa (2004-2007)

Special Skills:
costume design and sewing skills, video editing, sound editing, photography, acting, marketing, arts administration, writing skills