Christine Hands

writing on the body what is written on the soul


Photo by Lane J Long

Photo by Lane J Long

*University of Maryland MFA in Dance                            Expected Graduation 2019
*AXIS Dance Company Teacher Training                                                 2017
*University of Iowa BFA in Dance, with honors; BA in English           2004-2007

Teaching Experience:

University of Maryland, College Park, MD                          2016-2018
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Courses Taught: Introduction to Dance, Fundamentals of Modern Dance, Ballet I: Undergraduate

The Collective Company Modern Class                                2017
Guest Artist

ACDA (American College Dance Association) Mid-Atlantic North Conference           March 2017
Class Instructor: Ballet with Ease, Dance for Every Body: Conference Participants

Dance Matrix, Crofton, MD                                                2016-2017
Dance Instructor, Competition Choreographer: Jazz, Tap, Musical Theater: ages 8-18

Tiffany Lawson Dance Library Tours, Chicago, IL                   2016
Movement Facilitator: Outreach programming to libraries around Chicago: ages 5-14

Rogers Public School, Chicago, IL                                     2012- 2016
In-School Dance Teacher: Introduction to Dance: grades K-8

Decatur Classical School, Chicago, IL                                 2015- 2016
In-School Dance Teacher : Tap and Breakdance: grades K-6  

DancEd Dance Center, Northbrook, IL                                  2014-2016
Competition Coach/ Dance Instructor: ballet, jazz, and hip-hop:  ages 5-16

Performing Arts Limited, Chicago, IL                                     2010-2016
Dance instructor: Ballet, creative movement, breakdance, tap, ballet fitness: ages 2-50+ 

Evanston Athletic Club, Evanston, IL                                      2013-2016
Fitness Instructor: Ballet Burn: Adult

Chicago Contemporary Dance Theatre, Chicago, IL                  2012-2016
Dance Instructor/ Competition Choreographer:  ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical:  age 5-16

Allegro Music and Dance Academy, Lemont, IL                       2009-2014
Lead Teacher/ Competition Team Director: assist with class schedules and program development, ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, show choir, musical theatre: students age 2-17

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Blue Lake, MI                                  2011
Ballet Faculty: ballet, pointe, repertory: grades 6-8  

*denotes work in which Christine Hands performed  

Maquette                                                                            2017
a site specific work in an art gallery
*Inside the Block |Outside the Box, Baltimore, MD

A Duet with Melissa                                                              2017
a heartfelt duet between sisters separated by distance, the catch is one sister happens to be abled and one disabled
*University of Maryland Shared Graduate Dance Concert: Rising: College Park, MD
*BIDA Choreographer's Showcase: Baltimore, MD
*NextNOW Festival: College Park, MD

The Chromanauts  (full length work)                                          2016, 2017
collaboration with visual artist John Mosher, Co-Produced with Side Street Studio Arts
*Side Street Studio Arts: Elgin, IL
*Salisbury University: Salisbury, MD

Waltz of the Snowflakes                                                  2015
modern dance take on the classic Nutcracker ballet ... complete with marshmallows and laughter
Cracked Nuts: Elgin, IL

I Know                                                                 World Premiere 2015
a tribute to the late Matt Ryd
*Film: Self-directed and performed. Filmed and edited by Ben Winter

This is Not a Dance                                                           2015
multimedia meditation on Surrealism
*St. Louis Fringe Festival (St. Louis, MO), *Elgin Fringe Festival (Elgin, IL), Going Dutch Dance Festival (Chicago, IL) Vaudeville Roars Night Out in the Parks (Chicago, IL)

*In Passing                                                                        2015- 2017
collaboration with guitarrist Adrian Medriano; solo and quartet version
*Going Dutch (Chicago, IL), *Vaudeville Roars Night Out in the Parks (Chicago, IL), *In Concert (Elgin, IL), Tiffany Lawson Dance (Chicago, IL)

A Place At The Table                                                        2014
documentary style interviews serve as a video background for this work about disability and accessibility
Elgin Ties Dance Festival (Elgin, IL), Tiffany Lawson Dance (Chicago, IL)

To Be Determined                                                            2013
a film accompanies a live performer in this exploration of present and past tense
*ontinuous Present Tense (Tulsa, OK), *Bonesbare 7 (Chicago, IL)

Icicles (full length work)                                              2013- 2014
a full length work about numbness, explored through four acts that use seasons and states of matter as metaphors for the human condition
*Chicago Fringe Festival (Chicago, IL)
Excerpts presented at: *St, Louis Fringe Festival (St. Louis, IL), *Kansas City Fringe Festival (Kansas City, KS), Boulder Fringe Festival (Boulder, CO), Asheville Fringe Festival (Asheville, NC), *Bonesbare 8 (Chicago, IL)

*Strophe, Epode, Epode II                                                  2013
three works based on Richard Linklater’s “Before Sunrise,” “Before Sunset,” and “Before Midnight” films about love, love lost, and love over time
Welcome to our World Vol. 2 with Creative Nests (Chicago, IL), *Going Dutch (Chicago, IL), *Bonesbare 8 (Chicago, IL)

La Couronne de Naples: Tragic Overture                            2012
a comic ballet
Chicago Freelance Dance (Chicago, IL)

Shut-Up Peggy                                                                 2012
topical feminist dance theater work about the 2012 “war on women”
rtSlam with Chicago Verge Dance Theater (Chicago, IL), *Dance Chicago (Chicago, IL)

The Next Stop                                                             2011-2012
a short work about the spacial confines of a city
*Dance Chicago (Chicago IL), *Links Hall's THAW (Chicago, IL), *Chicago Freelance Dance (Chicago, IL)

Madly Mated                                                                   2011
a comic duet set to excerpts from “The Taming of the Shrew”
*Dance Chicago (Chicago, IL), *Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival  (Chicago, IL)

Without You I                                                           2011, 2009
a solo performed with a 10 foot chain as a partner, about a failing relationship
oing Dutch (Chicago, IL), *Iowa Dance Fest   

The Course of True Love Never Did                             2010
musings on love set to Shakespeare’s most iconic love scenes
 *Dance Chicago (Chicago, IL), Rebound Dance Festival (Chicago, IL)

Tease                                                                        restaged 2010, 2007
choreographed as my BFA honors thesis; a work about gender roles and the “other”
*Dance Chicago (Chicago, IL), *University of Iowa Undergraduate Concert (Iowa City, IA)

Luke 5:10                                                            restaged 2014 ,2007
a work about faith
*Going Dutch (Chicago IL), University of Iowa Graduate/ Undergraduate Concert (Iowa City, IA)

Performance Experience

"The Orpheus Adventure" (College Park, MD)                                        April 2017
Dancer: Opera choreographed by Adriane Fang         

"The One-Mile Radius Project" (Mount Rainier, MD)                                April 14, 2017
Performer: Orange Grove Dance

"Parks of Roses," Mamela Nyamza (College Park, MD)                        September 16, 2016

Core Project Chicago (Chicago, IL)                                                      2013-2016
Associate Artistic Director                   

Mordine and Company (Chicago, IL)                                                        2013
Guest Artist

Renegade Dance Architects (Chicago, IL)                                             2012-2013
Company Member

Supermarket Sweep Dance Film (Chicago, IL)                                          2011

Dance Alliance (Chicago, IL)                                                                   2011
Guest Artist

Corpo Dance Company (Chicago, IL)                                                    2010-2011
Company Member


-Presented Innovations in Inclusivity at TDPS Wednesdays Series at the University of Maryland. November 15, 2017.

-Presented A Spectrum of Abilities: Expanding Diversity Potential Onstage Through Mixed Ability Dance at the Making Interventions Symposium at University of Maryland. October 13, 2017.

-Presented research and experiential on disability performance and dance education at Baltimore Country Public Schools Workshop Day. September 21, 2017

-Presented academic research and choreographic excerpts on disability performance on a panel at the ACDA Mid-Atlantic North Conference at University of Maryland. March 10, 2017

-Presented academic paper and choreographic excerpts on gender and dance on a panel at University of Iowa Craft Critique Culture Conference. April 14, 2007

Recognition and Awards: 

-Recipient of University of Maryland College of Arts and Humanities Travel Grant (2017)

-Recipient of AXIS Dance Company Scholarship for Summer Study (2017)

-Recipient of the Presidential Scholarship, University of Iowa (2004-2007)

Special Skills:
costume design and sewing skills, video editing, sound editing, photography, acting, marketing, arts administration, writing skills