Christine Hands

writing on the body what is written on the soul


Photo by Jeff White

Photo by Jeff White

Photo by Roberto Martinez

Photo by Roberto Martinez


Christine Hands is an independent dance artist based in Baltimore, Maryland. She is currently attending the University of Maryland where she is a Graduate Assistant and MFA Candidate in Dance.

Initially from the western suburbs of Chicago, Christine received her BFA in dance with honors and her BA in English from the University of Iowa. She spent time working and teaching in London before dedicating eight years to Chicago: working as a teacher, dancer, choreographer, and producer.

While in Iowa, Christine had the privilege of dancing for notable choreographers including David Dorfman, George de La Peña, Armando Duarte, Charlotte Adams, Vladimir Conde Reche, Rain Ross, and Suzanne Ryan. Christine was also a company member with Travelers Dance Company of Iowa City.

In 2007, Christine presented excerpts from “Tease” along with her paper “Masculine Men and the Search for Other Options: Masculinity Performance on the Western Stage” at the University of Iowa Craft Critique Culture Conference.

In Chicago, Christine freelanced for a number of companies including Matter Dance Company and Renegade Dance Architects (of Chicago). She has appeared in Dance Chicago and as a guest artist with Mordine and Company. She served as Associate Artistic Director of Core Project Chicago, producing performances in conjunction with local businesses as well as the Chicago Parks District. 

Christine’s choreography has been presented at a number of festivals in and around Chicago including Going Dutch, at Links Hall’s THAW, at Night Out in the Parks, and with Tiffany Lawson Dance. She has toured nationally to Living Arts in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has also been a frequent presenter in Elgin, Illinois where her work has been shown in Elgin Ties Dance Festival as well as "In Concert," a collaboration between musicians and dancers. Her choreography has toured to St. Louis (Missouri), Kansas City (Kansas), Boulder (Colorado), Elgin (Illinois), and Asheville (North Carolina) with Core Project Chicago's Fringe Festival production, "Anecdotal." 

In 2013, Christine produced a full-length dance work entitled "ICICLES" at the Chicago Fringe Festival. In 2016, Christine produced a full-length collaboration with visual artist John Mosher entitled "The Chromanauts." The collaboration was presented at Elgin's premiere art gallery, Side Street Studio Arts, and featured live dance art choreographed by Christine Hands surrounded by visual art, video, and sculpture by John Mosher. The collaboration was featured in the local paper.

In 2017, Christine presented her movement and scholarly research on disability in dance, "A Spectrum of Abilities: Expanding Disability Potential Onstage" at the American College Dance Association's Mid-Atlantic North Conference at University of Maryland. 

In addition to performing and choreographing, Christine is a dedicated dance teacher, investing the majority of her energies to the education and growth of children from ages 2-infinity. She has taught as far abroad as England and has worked in Chicago Public Schools, toured in Chicago Public Libraries with Tiffany Lawson Dance, has coached winning dance competition teams, and has taught all over and around Chicago from the far suburbs to the inner city. She currently teaches at the University of Maryland. She has instructed all levels of dancer and truly welcomes every curious student to investigate the art of dance.