Christine Hands

writing on the body what is written on the soul

A Spectrum of Abilities



My current research revolves around the dancing body with disability. I am exploring this research in scholarship, in dance, and in classroom practice. I’m seeking expand the field of dance in a way that makes room on the stage for nontraditional movers. Below I have compiled some resources for further exploration if you're interested in dance and disability artistry.


A Duet with Melissa

A choreographic work made in collaboration between Christine and Melissa Hands. The piece is about their relationship as sisters, but doesn't hide the fact that Christine and Melissa, in spite of sharing most of the same DNA, have incredibly different abilities and challenges as movers.

You can view the full work here 


Dance Film in Progress

Another joint project with Christine and Melissa Hands, this dance film is seeking to find the choreographic voice of two dancing sisters, one who dances on a seat and one who dances on her feet. 





Some Resources for Dance Teachers: 

Making an Entrance by Adam Benjamin (co-founder of Candoco)

Brain Compatible Dance Education by Anne Green Gilbert

Dancing Wheels Physically Integrated Dance Manual and DVD


Some Inclusive Dance Companies: 

Anjali Dance Company (England, UK)

AXIS Dance Company (Oakland, CA)

Candoco (London, England, UK)

Dancing Wheels (Cleveland, OH)

DanceAbility (Portland, OR)


Other Great Resources: 

FIXED, a documentary about adaptive devices

A great conversation with Judith Smith and John Killacky that includes suggestions for working with peoples with disabilities

Bill Shannon, a disabled artist from Pittsburgh

Josh Blue, a comic with cerebral palsy


Christine Hands is available for educational presentations on dance and disability, as well as mixed ability/ inclusive workshops and classes. Contact me! I would love to hear your ideas about dance and disability.