Christine Hands

writing on the body what is written on the soul


Photo by Jonathan Hsu:

Christine screams silently, mouth open, hands gnarled. Her hair is short. The veins and muscles in her neck are taut and protruding. She wears an asymmetrical textured black costume. She is in her early 30’s in this photo.


Christine’s MFA Thesis Concert at the University of Maryland. This sci-fi, cyberpunk, gender bending re-imagining of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet deconstructs and reconstructs the classic tale. This is a work of highly physical dance theater.

Choreography by Christine Hands
Performers: Nana Edu, Christine Hands, Hana Huie, Anna Liddle, Jasmine Mitchell
Costume Design: Alexa Duimstra
Lighting: Chris Brusberg
Scenic Design: Emily Lotz
Projections: Paul Deziel
Sound Design: Veronica J. Lancaster